Miss Utility is a free (to you) system, funded by the utilities to protect their buried utility lines and protect the public from danger. If the area to be excavated contains private utility lines, you must hire a private locating contractor to locate these lines.

Each utility that has lines in the area to be excavated is contacted by Miss Utility so they may dispatch their locators or contract locator to identify and mark their infastructure. Miss Utility is a call center that dispatches information and does no locating. You will have (potentially) several locators mark their lines in the area in which you have identified as an excavation area.

THE PROCESS: You contact Miss Utility -> Miss Utility contacts involved utilities -> Utilities mark their lines -> Utilities inform Miss Utility if the status of their ticket -> Miss utility issues a positive response -> You may now safely and prudently excavate within the scope of the cleared marked ticket.

Homeowner Check List

Contact Miss Utility (811, 800 #, or internet)

Provide contact and excavation information requested by the call center

Receive ticket number

Wait the required time for utilities to dispatch thir locators

Review the Ticket Check positive responses

Safely excavate AFTER all utilities have issued a positive response and cleared the ticket


Homeowners may NOT contact Miss Utlity and obtain a locate request for someone else (contractor or professional excavator) will be doing the excavation. It is legally thwir responsibility to obtain their own excavation ticket


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